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We produce adhesives, glues and resins, and we do it whilst caring for quality, innovation, human relationships and the environment.

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Viceversa wet system

ACM VICEVERSA WET SYSTEM is a complete and safe system for laying decorative fiberglass and vinyl wallpaper with any type of backing in humid environments and/or in direct contact with water (such as showers, saunas, etc.).

Building products

Video tutorial for the application of GLASTER super lightweight filler putty with important thermal insulating properties. Especially suitable for humid environments; SPECIAL MS TIXO, silane polymer-modified adhesive/mastic/sealant, specifically for bonding structural elements in construction. It possesses hygro-hardening properties; UNIFIX, acrylic assembly adhesive, specifically for bonding structural elements in construction, thermo-sound absorbent materials, etc.; ACROSIL/A AND SEACRIL.

Adhesiva 2PG

Video tutorial for the application of ADHESIVA 2PG, a two-component epoxy-polyurethane (A+B) structural adhesive, suitable for bonding rubber, resilient and sports flooring indoors and outdoors, prefinished or solid parquet of any type and essence.

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Materia™ is a complete range of products for luxury wall decorations:
Materia Base™, Materia™ and the colors InTone Color System™: an easy and straightforward metoth to create professional decorations.

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